Learn How To Read Quran With Confidence

We want to help you connect with the Quran and enjoy reciting. Take the first step towards making the Quran a part of your daily life - Allah will make it easy for you.

The All-in-One
Quran Reading Program

Made For English Speakers

Tajweed explained in clear English! Theory is taught in a way that is fun and easy to understand without the complicated jargon.

App Based System

Let’s face it, everything is easier when its done on a Phone. Our entire student portal is on an app including classes and lessons.


Studying alone is not easy. Our weekly online gatherings will motivate you to reach the finish line.


Your connection and relationship with the Quran is the ultimate focus of this program!

What Our Students Are Saying

“OMG, I CAN breathe from the belly now… for the last 6 months i almost convinced myself that i have to do this by breathing thru my chest! But while watching the L3 recording (the first class!!!) I realised am breathing thru my belly! I never thought THIS wud give me so much happiness! ALhamdulillah! And a sense of achievement!”

Romana Zafar

“This truly has been a Quran Revolution for me. Alhamdullilah everything was made so simple and broken down into easy steps so I was able to watch the lessons in my own time to fit my busy schedule. By spending one week on each lesson i was able to apply the knowledge without feeling overwhelmed with all these new rules.”


“When I started the program, I only knew how to read Arabic. I was only reading Quran in French or in phonetics. But through the courses, the reading circle, the submission, I started to love reading in arabic, my relation with this Book was revived. In 4 months, I wasn’t afraid to read in Arabic and I even bought my Quran in Arabic only.”

Bint Abderrahmane

Here is how Quran Revolution Works

All the tools you need to make the Quran an enjoyable part of your daily life.

Personal Assessment

Let’s find out where you are so we can give you all the right tools to succeed. You submit a quick 2 minute assessment and get placed in a Level. That’s the beginning of your Quran journey. By the end of the semester, our goal is to get you to the next level.

Simplified Curriculum in English

Our teaching style is catered for English speakers. So forget about all the complicated terms that you don’t need and learn using English terminology. Video lessons are released on a weekly basis.

Get Personalized Feedback

With every new week you learn a new skill. You can practice as much as you need before you submit a recitation. No pressure of live reading or scheduling hassles. Your teacher will send you detailed feedback to help you improve.

Reading Circles

This is one of the most popular elements of Quran Revolution. A casual get together with your peers and teachers. Every week we hold dedicated reading circles for every level where students get to recite, listen and reflect on passages of the Quran.

Live Office Hours

Have a question or need a little bit of extra attention? You can attend a weekly office hour session to get live feedback or practice your craft.

Who is Quran Revolution for?

  • Those who want to improve the flow of their recitation
  • Those who feel like they lost touch with the Quran and notice it when they recite. Stumbling through the words, pausing a lot, not being able to read through an ayah like they would read English
  • If you have learned how to recite in the past but it’s been a while and you need a refresher to flow again
  • If you are brand new to Arabic and need help from scratch
  • If you are already happy with your recitation but want to master it now

Student Success Stories

Amina Ghouse


Dina Abu-jubara


Syed Anas Ali


The QR Difference

Let’s face it, there aren’t too many alternatives for adults who want to learn the art of recitation. If you go with the traditional system, you’ll be bombarded with terms and rules all explained to you in Arabic or broken English. You would have to go through the hassle of scheduling weekly classes with teachers abroad. You would go on for months without any well defined goals or milestones and no end in sight. It’s just class after class with no system. Quran Revolution is for the English speaking Adult learner with

  • bite-sized video lessons

  • all the rules, turned into English examples so you can relate to the sounds

  • practice, implement and get specific feedback on that lesson

  • weekly Reading Circles to motivate your learning journey with others wanting the same

  • dedicated IT support team to help you through any kinks you may run into

This is online learning with a personal touch. The best of both worlds. All our teachers are based in the USA and experts at their craft. The whole team is focused on helping you get to your goal.

Quran Revolution is a four month semester, with a clear goal of completing the curriculum for your particular level, regardless of where you start.


Graduation Rate

Our graduation rate is remarkable 90%. Join now and be a part of this Quran Revolution

2, 271

Students Taught

Over the past 3 years, we have taught over 1700 remarkable and motivated students. Now it's your turn


Student Satisfaction

Our student support staff is available and ready to help you along each and every step