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Are you the kind of person who loves listening to Quran,

But just cringes when they hear it in their own voice?

I’ll let you in on a secret- we’ve all been there!

But the good news is that the difference between you cringing at the sound of your recitation, and finally falling in love with it, is just 3 days of practice…

And to prove it, I’d like to personally invite you to discover exactly how.

Join me this January 12th for our Intro session and then Day 1 to 3 starting
13th-15th for the 3 Day Recitation Challenge

This year’s chapter? Surah Ar Rahman (verse 1-13)

In 3 daily LIVE sessions we’re helping you unlock your hidden recitation superpowers:

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The Challenge:


  • Learning to decipher vowel sounds
  • Understand the rhythm and counts of different letters
  • Know when to stretch sounds
  • Unlock your Quranic melody


  • Key breathing techniques for every Quran reader
  • How to read with continuous flow
  • Overcome breathing restrictions in longer verses


  • How to apply everything you’ve learned so far
  • Learn how to bring out the nuances of each letter
  • Overcoming negativity and permitting yourself to recite with confidence

Your Mentor
On This Challenge...

Join Imam Wisam, a specialist in teaching Quran recitation and retention. Leads QuranRevolution program. Taught more than 25,000 students worldwide. Bachelor’s in Arabic Grammar and Minor in Arabic Literature, Quran Academy. Studied under scholars in Makkah and Egypt. Ijazah in Ashara Qiraat. Founder and Director of AQL.

With one of the most iconic chapters of the Quran

So that instead of going to your favorite qari, you’ll find a whole new joy in your own recitation.

Last year we helped over a thousand Muslims find the beauty in their recitation

Now we want to help you!

Are you up for the challenge?

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I’ll see you on the inside 🙂

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