Live Interactive Class for 10 days covering chapters 109-100 of the Quran Lead by Imam Wisam Sharief


Daily starting April 23rd to May 3rd


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For a decade I used to dash into a town and have my own race to get people through their obstacles in reading and reciting Quran.

Students consistently told me how transformative and life-changing the 10-day experience was, how it inspired them, and how they now looked at the Quran in a way they never did before.

Now for the first time, Quran Revolution is bringing you a 10 day/10 Surah challenge online for you.


I’ll be sharing a decade’s worth of experience in 10 days.

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Discover your inner Qari(reciter) to recite these Surah 100-109 confidently and beautifully.

Daily live sessions for ten days for the community to get together.

The easiest way to read the Quran daily in Ramadan is to join an inspirational community doing it!

Learn the major tajweed rules in each of these ten surahs so you can recite each chapter beautifully

You’ll connect with the chapters by learning the meanings and have them come alive in your salah.

Get feedback and learn from others in daily virtual reading circles.

Benefit from reminders from other guests instructors and scholars

Then you’ll join me in recitation. You and the family. Mom, dad, family members and definitely kids. It’s a family affair. Stuffed animals welcome.